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Arriluzeko Itsas Erreskate Basea
Base de Salvamento Marítimo de Arriluze
Sea Rescue Station of Arriluze 


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The System 

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Class A-B

These lifeboats fit in these two classes at the same time. They are designed to operate at high sea rescues as well as at those occurring at the coast and cliffs.they usually have rigid hulls and a cabin housing the weel-house. Appart from this, this lifeboats have good acceleration response and excelent cappabilities for manoeuvring . They normally are fitted with two engines and have an extended range.

Because of these features we employ our class A-B  lifeboat not only for rescues at high seas, but also as an advanced coordination center for sea and underwater search tasks.


Length: 12 mts.        Beam: 
Displacement: 9 TnB.
Maximum Speed: 27 knots 
Crew: 4 - 5 
Engine: 2x Cummins 300 H.P.
             with Castoldi Jets.

A MAG-10 Vedette model lifeboat, entirely built in aluminum alloy, with complete self righting capability thanks to the auxiliary raft carried on her top.
She is propelled by two Cummins engines, 300 HP each, which move a couple of CastoldiJet fans instead of the more traditional propellers.
This system has obvious safety advantages when working with divers, at shallow waters, or between ropes and wires, where propellers would have big chances of getting tangled. This also provides the lifeboat with an incredible maneuverability, impossible to achieve in case of using propellers.

Electronics: Three VHF radios (two in the sea band and the other at 27 MHz), another one at 2182 KHz, goniometer, NAVTEX for the reception of weather reports and warnings, GPS, plotter, echo-sounder, RADAR and a distress signal buoy, according to the COSPAS-SARSAT system.

Equipment: Search lights, towing equipment, water pump for taking water out or fire fighting, life raft and survival equipment, life buoys and rescue material, line throwing devices, and a small Zodiac inflatable raft, fitted with an Evinrude engine of 15 HP. This raft is stowed on the top of the lifeboat and is very useful at shallow water rescue operations.

Paramedical equipment: Three beds, spinal back-board and nest stretcher, paramedical and medical material boxes, rigid and vacuum splints, extrication collars, resuscitation equipment, semi-automatic defibrillator, and oxigenotherapy equipment.

Class B

Fast response lifeboats, used for rescues at the coastline. This is why they are preferred to be semi rigid and to be propelled by one or two very powerful outboard engines, in order to be able to operate in the dangerous waters surrounding the reefs and the rocks at the cliffs.

Length: 7.30 m.  Beam: 2.8 m.
Maximum speed: 37 knots.
Crew: 3 - 4
Engine: 1x IVECO 200 C.V. Intraborda.

Our newest lifeboat, who made her maiden launch in June 2004, is a Zodiac Hurricane 7.30 equipped with a "Z-Drive" type of engine and cappable for self-righting.

Electronics: VHF wireless, echo-sounder, GPS, Plotter and Radar.

Equipamiento: Search light, water rescue buoys, towing equipment, and available space for a stretcher.

Equipo sanitario: Paramedical tool box, spinal back-board and nest stretcher, splints, extrication collars, resuscitation and oxigenotherapy equipment. 



Length:  7.30 mts.       Beam: 
Displacement: 3 TnB.
Maximum Speed: 35 knots 
Crew: 3 - 4
Engine: 2x Evinrude Fitch 115 H.P.

This one is a Duharry Cormorán 7.30 CR. She was named as "Arriluze II" in memory of the unfortunate "Arriluze", lost during a rescue in 1995. She has self righting capability as well.

Electronics: VHF wireless, echo-sounder and  GPS.

Equipment: Search light, water rescue buoys, towing equipment, and support for a stretcher, but she can carry three.

Paramedical equipment: Paramedical tool box, spinal back-board and nest stretcher, splints, extrication collars, resuscitation and oxigenotherapy equipment. 


Length:  7.50 mts.      Beam: 
Displacement: 3 TnB.
Maximum Speed: 40 knots 
Crew: 3 - 4
Engine: 1x Evinrude Fitch 150 H.P.

This one is a Bombard Explorer 7.60 and is fitted with an electronic injection outboard engine.

Electronics: VHF wireless, echo-sounder and GPS.

Equipment: search light, water rescue buoy, and towing equipment.

Paramedical equipment: Paramedical tool box, spinal back-board and nest stretcher, splints, extrication collars, resuscitation and oxigenotherapy equipment.

Class C

These small lifeboats are intended for inshore rescues, so they are all small, light crafts, fitted with a single outboard engine and capable to be transported by road to the place of the distress. Their main tasks are rescues at rivers and covering of sport or popular events at harbors or inner waters.


Length:  4.5 mts.       Beam: 
Maximum Speed: 22 knots 
Crew: 2 - 3
Engine: 1x Honda 35 H.P. 4 stroke.

This one is a Zodiac Pro 4.5, with Non-Stop balloons, employed mainly to cover popular and sport events at inner waters, or rescues at shallow water coastlines.
It is also used by the underwater rescue team for searches in rivers, as well as  in floods.

Electronics: She has no radio and therefore sea band walkie-talkies are employed.

Paramedical equipment: Paramedical tool box. Other equipment is also carried according to what is requiered for each particular situation.


Length:  4.20 mts.      Beam: 
Maximum Speed: 20 knots 
Crew: 2 - 3
Engine: 1x Evinrude 30 H.P.

Another Zodiac Pro 4 with Non-Stop balloons, mainly used for covering competitions and popular events, but also for emergencies at rivers or inner seas and shallow water coastline.

Electronics: Similar to our previous ship, she has no radio and therefore sea band walkie-talkies are employed for communications.

Paramedical equipment: Paramedical tool box. Other equipment is also carried according to what is requiered for each particular situation.

Ground Assistance

Sometimes the rescue must be done from the ground, because of the impossibility of accessing from the sea or because the rescue scenario is at inner waters (rivers, lakes or dams). Some other times the rescue is done from the sea but it is convenient to count with a help from the ground, in order to guide the lifeboat in her maneuvers.


Equipment: Botikinak, bilaketetarako linternak, palak, sokak,...etab.

It is very useful for difficult rescues that require help from the ground for guidance, and also to carry the C class lifeboats and the rescue divers to the place of a particular incident.
It can tow a trailer with all the material needed for specific rescues: line throwing devices, a Breeches buoy, pikes and shovels, light cannons, etc...

Nautical recomendations

First vehicle of the Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked men

C2. One of our first C levels

Rescue Land Rover

Arriluze I

Lada Niva. Substituted the old Land Rover

Ama Begoņakoa